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The Emly Creative Driving Principles

My name is Emilly and I'm the founder, owner and one-woman power house behind Emly Creative. I define myself as a conscious creative; aiming to balance functionality, purpose and beauty. Emly Creative is the manifestation of who I am as a designer; simplified through five driving principles:



A holistic and considered approach. Enforcing meaning to all design elements. We don't believe in "fluff" or designing for the sake of it. We believe in purpose. We believe in why. This principle often leads to the discovery of your vision and the real value within the project. Exploring the significance behind it all creates solutions that powerful and intuitive to your soul.



Experiential and intelligent use of space. In a world that can feel so overwhelming and cluttered... give yourself a little space. This allows the design composition to "breathe" which improves visual comprehension, creates focal points, balances the design and creates an effortless outcome. Heightening user experience and conveying your message/intent clearly. We do not aim to confuse.



Conveying each individual story in its own respective right; uninfluenced by trends or consumerism. Emly Creative challenges the perception that a person's wellbeing and happiness depend fundamentally on obtaining consumer goods and material possessions. We believe that less equals more. Being selective means we're conscious and mindful of our choices. We make it count.



Reduction of unnecessary elements. The elimination of clutter and distraction. We believe in honest designs that convey clarity and truth. By keeping the design simple and refined there are no diversions. No deflections to confuse the user. Just honesty and intent. All design elements have earnt their place and serve a particular purpose to convey a specific meaning.



Our minimalist beliefs extend further than aesthetic. It is our mentality and daily life.

The physical actions of reducing waste, using sustainably sourced resources and lessening our footprint on the earth is important to Emly Creative. Believing in minimalist principles stretches further than a design style. It encourages a mindful, purposeful and grateful approach to life. It allows us to think holistically; teaching us awareness, accountability and consciousness for our actions.

So what do you think?

Does my style and beliefs resonate with you?

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