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Introducing Emly Creative

A one woman creative agency offering all things graphic design. Inspired by modernism and minimalism; Emly Creative believes in purposeful and meaningful design solutions that visually communicate meaning without miscommunication or clutter.

Redefining your definition of full.

simplicity is our vibe.

Creating a design language for your business that is purposeful and intentional. Visually communicating necessary elements to your target audience without misinterpretation. Our services include graphic design, logos, branding, illustrations, marketing documents and collateral, business identity and website design & build.


I hold a bachelor of science in interior architecture - so yes, my roots actually fall into interiors. The two disciplines share incredibly similar creative processes. What was originally a side hobby for friends and family has now developed into something I am actively pursuing everyday out of passion.


Paying true homage to my belief in minimal design principles, I shortened to my name to its bare and basic components. Emly is the refined version of my name - Emilly. This paired back version removes the non-critical letters of my name to create a simple solution that still connects to me.


Its simple really. Create a community that recognises the importance of purposeful design solutions to make a more considered, sustainable and beautiful world.

Years in the making, yet somewhat accidental. I’m so passionate about what I do and I would love to hear any feedback or questions.

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Instagram/: @emlycreative


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