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The Magnolia semi-custom branding kit is a feminine, delicate and elegant design displaying a subtle floral illustration.


Small business owners who want to appear design orientated with a gentle and genuine personality.


✷ Emly Creative will only sell each semi-custom brand 7 times to keep your brand unique.
✷ No colour palettes are duplicated.


✓ Primary Logo
✓ Alternative Logo
✓ Tagline Logo
✓ Submark
✓ Icon
✓ Typography
✓ Colour Palette
✓ Business Cards
✓  Logo File Kit
✓  Branding Board

1. Purchase your selected kit via our store. Complete the customisation options.
2. I will contact you via email with 1-2 business days.
3. If required, we can explore colour palette options. 
4. I will customise your branding kit to suit your unique requirements.
5. Your new semi-custom branding kit will be completed within days. Send to you via email file transfer.


✷ 1x round of revisions with every purchase.
✷ Delivery of your purchase will take up to 5-7 working days; this will be sent to you via email.
✷ File formats include EPS, PDF, JPG and PNG. Suitable for printing & web.
✷ Additional revision requests are at an hourly rate.
✷ We do not accept refunds.


If you would prefer a completely custom brand identity; send me an email at:

Semi-Custom Branding Kit: Magnolia

    • Your Business Name
    • Your Tagline
    • Your Established Date (If Applicable)
    • Your Business Card Details
    • Your Colour Palette

    *Fonts, layouts, patterns, icons and all other design features cannot be changed.

  • At the checkout, you will be asked to provide your contact details including a contact email address. I will reach out within the next 24 - 48 hours to introduce myself. Once your semi-custom brand is complete - I will send a file transfer to this email address.

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